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Welsh sex chat

Cysylltwch â ni (drwy ffonio 0800 1111 neu drwy fynd ar-lein) a rhowch wybod i ni y byddech chi’n hoffi siarad â rhywun yn Gymraeg (a fyddech cystal â dweud hyn yn Saesneg i ddechrau).

Os bydd cwnselydd sy’n siarad Cymraeg ar gael, gallwch siarad â’r cwnselydd ar unwaith.

The unchanging display is said to reflect the shop’s contents and it is rumoured that the store also contains the second oldest copy of Razzle in the British Isles and various well fingered greasy copies of Men Only. But that has backfired on me as I can’t really compete with this new place. They’ve got all sorts in there; enlightened couples wishing to buy a joint purchase in order to boost their love lives by way of example. They’ve even got a sex toy fitting service where each piece is custom made for the owner.

There are also said to be several old Betamax films with titles such as ‘Big and Busty Linda takes on a Motley Crue’ and ‘Miami Vice Twice Nightly’ hidden at the back of the store. A bit like the M&S bra-fitting thing but with vibrators.’ Others are more positive about the now fading sexual emporium.

Gareth Hall "got what he deserved' according to former Eugene Police Detective Jeff Donaca from Oregon, USA.

The now retired detective has spoken out about their case against the Welshman, who was found guilty of raping a 10 year old girl in Oregon in 2016.

Hall was given a 50 year sentence and now resides in the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution.

Mae cyfrinachedd yn golygu peidio â dweud wrth neb am beth rydych chi wedi'i ddweud.You can access support through our direct email service: [email protected] Talk to someone confidentially using the Live Fear Free live chat service Live chat is available every day from 9am to 9pm.We can support you in Welsh, English and any other languages using Language Line.In these circumstances, the authorities would be informed to ensure the safety and well-being of you and your children.‘I’ve only been able to start to deal with all of the hurt in the last year or so. I spoke to the helpline who helped me get in touch with my local services.

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