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In retrospect, that seems like a temporary setback — the so-called “shiny suit era” was outsized, high-budgeted, and frequently preposterous, but complaints about the excess often obscured a great deal of the flat-out amazing music that made a wider impression on the pop world.

And few artists left such a spectacular, hard-to-duplicate stamp on the era like Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott.

But even when she was joined at the hip to peak Timbaland — in his prime, as visionary a Top 40-friendly producer there ever was — there was always this sense of autonomy in Missy’s music, that she did what she did because she felt like forging her own path and it just turned out to be the kind of road a lot of people wanted to travel on.

She rapped about sex with good-natured raunch midway between Moms Mabley and Redman, toyed with her appearance to emphasize the stylish unreal over the supposed ideal, and overall just widened the spectrum of what a woman was able to accomplish as an artist in an era where mainstream culture was drowning in angry-young-man machismo.

Her guardian family lives on a farm in Maple Valley. The last day I visited they had an alpaca due to give birth on that day, as well as the cross-country team expected that night for a pasta feed.

The family has an F1 Labradoodle they had bred before I met them, named Dakota.

But from the release of her debut in 2005, Missy wasn’t just a “woman in hip-hop” — she was a creative force to be reckoned with, the kind of artist Spin could put on their May ’98 cover alongside Thom Yorke and Ani Di Franco without a second thought.

Trick Daddy – He’s hinted at the fact that he’s given Trina the business once or twice.

Birdman – She Hooked up with Wayne’s “Daddy” as well.

Sophie’s Sire, Johann Bach is one of the most perfect temperaments I have known in an Australian Labradoodle, and the most perfect conformation as well.

He went to work with his guardian daily in her home decor store and i got a steady flow of inquiries from his fans.

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Her Mother, Creme de la Creme Dolly is an incredibly calm and tolerant dog; a wonderful trait to perpetuate in the Australian Labradoodle breed.