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Strip chat

There are symbols on every button with the exception of several core words.

Spelling is a QWERTY keyboard page set with four word prediction buttons and a few pre-stored phrases.

My Quick Chat is an introductory communication system geared toward individuals with complex communication needs.

It offers a high frequency, phrase-based communication system in an easy-to-use, yet very engaging format.

The cool part is it could be your neighbor, the girl next door or the one you always knew was a freak but you just couldn't get the nerve to ask him or her.

There are multiple forms of communication available in this program: sentences, phrases, individual words, recordings for story-telling and visual scenes.

Also included are interactive play and reading pages, and social pages.

Each strip contains three (3) cards; each card has five (5) rows and (5) five columns.

The numbers 1 to 75 are placed on the three cards as follows: The first column “B” can only contain the numbers 1 to 15, The second column “I” can only contain the numbers 16 to 30, The third column “N” can only contain the numbers 31 to 45The fourth column “G” can only contain the number 46 to 60, and The fifth column “O” can only contain the numbers 61 to 75.

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