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But this tactic can teach companies a thing or two on how they should be dealing with their customers, especially in light of Verizon (vz) and Bank of America’s (bac) relatively recent fee fiascos.

The real insight comes from understanding the patterns of behavior that we fall into while pursuing the power of “least interest.”In a study I did on high-need-for-achievement personalities, my team and I observed over and over how these driven individuals sabotage their own relationships at work in their reaction to perceived asymmetries with others.They sit at home in front of their television, stuffing their face with processed shit, and never getting out to meet people and socialize and then they blame the government that they’re broke, big medicine that they’re fat, the high school bully who called them a name 15 years ago for the fact that they are alone and depressed in life. Watch Out for Red Flags While you can be great with women at bars and clubs, being a good man and being good in relationships is a whole different ball game.One of the biggest mistakes that most novices make when it come to relationship “game” is that they ignore red flags because the girls is hot or they’re having a lot of fun.For businesses, I love working with small business owners throughout the Bay Area.We’ll create business headshots with the perfect look and style to fit you and your business. It’s time to show the real you as the face of your business.

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The party who holds the most power in that relationship is the one who is (or appears) least invested or interested.