Chat and im no membership

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Chat and im no membership

Group Chat reports your presence status and enables you to see the presence status of other people.

Presence status, which is the colored circle next to a contact’s name, indicates a person’s willingness and availability to communicate.

You can use presence status to indicate your availability to communicate to other people.

You can also use presence status to determine whether another contact is available for an IM conversation.

Broadcast IMs allow you to send a single IM to multiple contacts.

You can select multiple contacts or a group of contacts from your contact list and send a broadcast message to them all at once.

Secret, meaning no one but the people in the group can see it and finally Open, in which case anyone feeling like it can join the group and start posting.

Sort of like the way a Skype group works, but with e-mail as well.About a month ago I started getting really annoyed by the new Facebook Groups function as I was being added to virtually all kinds of e-mail lists, thus getting my inbox completely crammed with different messages from “friends” and other people who had decided I should join.I truly hated this new feature that Facebook described as a completely new Groups product. If you set your privacy settings the correct way you can actually manage your groups really neatly and they work a lot greater than Google groups and other such e-mail lists I have found.You can choose to block everyone and then add exceptions for specific contacts in your allow list.This option does not block contacts in your contact list.

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